Interior Design Trends 2018

Interior Design Trends 2018

Each year brings more variety in finishes, materials and suggestions on developing our interiors. Gathering common data from the previous year and designers’ talk, we sum up the most likely trends of 2018 that are gaining momentum and positive feedback.

Casual light theme with hints of blue or lavender

Modern minimalist lounge blue tones

This well established trend continues to influence many designers and homeowners with its calmness and luxury. It is enhanced with the addition of modern lighting fixtures, soft wood, and smooth textiles of blue and purple tones. Best layouts involve more space, flow of air and delicate touches of dark grey details. Black and white art, as well as calming natural pictures complete the depths of emotion in well-planned layouts.


Monochrome wood design stairs

Minimalists are leaning towards calming color tones of similar shades. It takes some effort and commitment to achieve the most out of these themes but the results are well worth it. The resulting sophisticated and comforting designs of monochrome layouts make anyone feel at home and help improve focus and productivity. A great choice of materials would be bleached maple, smooth stones and light marble, with a suitable color choice of white and beige. Many designers strive to achieve this subtle softness of the tones that flow with the delicate textures.

Black Detail

Black Accent Finish Interior Showroom

Slowly replacing brushed and polished brass, black finishes are gaining momentum.Of course, fine unlaquered brass will always look gorgeous in traditional and some modern homes. However brass is starting to feel overused, while fine touches of black finishes give modern homes that sophisticated, intricate appearance that is in popular demand. Great uses are black light fixtures, charcoal-themed cabinets, hints of black detail in furnishings.


Maximalism colorful bar design layout

Growing weary of identical interiors flooding the social media, lots of people are compelled to stand out and bring something bright to the world. Extravagant prints and patterns filled with contrasting colors bring out the beauty and boldness of maximalism. Even just a painting or centerpiece of this bold theme can excite the modern interiors and spark lively conversations with friends. 

Aspirational Spaces

Aspirational interior design

Designers believe we will see a transition towards designing interiors based on how people want to feel. Instead of trying to impress their guests with magazine-style layouts, people are starting to focus more on what emotions their interiors reflect. It could be anything from relaxing and calming to energized, intimate or professional themes that enhance our desires and aspirations. 

This trend allows a rare freedom and uniqueness of personal space. No longer bound by set rules of design, you create solely on your desired effect of the layout. Successful outcomes mesmerize beyond simple appearances, deepening the vibe and emotional influence of fortunate guests.